Decorate the Christmas Tree! Exploring Sticky with Toddlers

A lot of the Christmas crafts around right now are directed at preschool or kindergarten age children, which is fabulous (and we’ll be trying lots of those with V-bot!), but I also love doing a nice simple, low-prep activity for with my toddler – one that gives us the opportunity to use some Christmas words and create something pretty!

This activity ticks all those boxes, and is also a *fantastic* fine motor exercise! Check out that pincer grip! And it ticks the sensorial box too, giving toddler a chance to explore this fascinating sticky texture! In the end, the whole family will be able to enjoy little one’s masterpiece!

Things we Needed:
Contact Paper
Green paper, or card
Masking tape

A selection of decorations on a plate or tray that keeps them visible. We used: red, green and yellow feathers, craft matchsticks, cut-up red ribbon, buttons, green paper stars cut with a craft punch, cut pipe cleaner, and some large sequins. (Careful with the choking hazards. I was watching carefully so used the sequins, but adapt as neccessary!)
Some cotton wool (we didn’t end up using this, but I thought it would be nice to make a snowy bottom to the picture!)

Tape the contact paper to a window. You could also tape it to the topside of an upturned plastic bin, or a kitchen cabinet, or the wall! I just thought the window was kind of a nice backdrop 🙂 So you’ll want to peel back the graphing paper to tape it at the top, then unroll the contact paper against the window to tape it some more. Sticky side towards you, obv 🙂

Shout out to NoTimeforFlashcards who gave me the idea to stick contact paper to the window for a fun lighting element in this Ribbon Butterfly!

‘Scuse the crocs… 🙂

Then use green strips of paper to make the outline of a Christmas tree on the contact paper. Mine is rubbish. Sorry about that. I’m sure you can do much better! Luckily, my T-bear didn’t seem to mind so much 🙂

Now it’s all ready for us to give out the invitation to play to little toddler!

I was sort of expecting T-bear (17 months) to be utterly delighted, but instead she was just really interested and focused, which is awesome!

She went right in with the ribbon and tested sticking it on right away. Then straight in with the mini stars and matchsticks. This was such great dexterity practice for her – I was so impressed with the pincer!

She was really concentrated by now, which as you know – I love! I just tried to stay back and quietly snap my pictures without getting involved at all. At times like this, I love encouraging her to extend her ability to concentrate, and we take every opportunity to be quiet and allow her to absorb herself in the activity.

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