Spring Chick Multi-Age Maths

Child holding glue

This is a fab multi-age activity. Little T-Bear (21 months) loved sticking the right number of feathers onto her chicks, with some help from me, and eventually just loved sticking any number of feathers onto the paper! Younger ones who are out of mouthing could glue any feathers anywhere!

What we needed…


I cut the chick shapes out in advance, while the girls were busy. I stuck them onto both the girls’ pages for them, so they could focus on the numeracy and the feathers. I find on busy days, too many stages are a bit much for them, so we stick to simple.
On V-bot’s page, I wrote some simple sums using addition and subtraction symbols. The would be adapted for whatever stage a child is at, though, to provide a challenging but *DOABLE* exercise – if it’s just addition for now, fab, and equally it could be multiplication or division for older kids! (Spring duckie and carrot basket feather holder added for fun)


Then I wrote the symbols for 1, 2 and 3 on T-bear’s three chicks.

And they were off and running!


For T-bear, feeling the feathers at first was the major interest-point, which was awesome. After a few minutes, she graduated to the gluing part.


V-bot worked through her sums aloud and took a lot of time thinking about the sums before sticking. We talked about poor chicks not having the right number of feathers. Could she help them out?
She loved gluing the feathers on, and her sister loved watching her and trying to do the same ๐Ÿ™‚ V-bot’s greatest aim in life at the moment is to be able to use the sharpies. So, seeing as she was working so hard on the numbers, we agreed that the happy chicks with the right number of feathers should get a smiley face…
All in all, T-bear was probably occupied with this activity for 20 minutes or so, which is a longย  time for a 21 month old! We counted the right feathers for the right numbers to begin with, but for her at this age it’s more about hearing numbers and seeing symbols rather than actually putting the two ideas of quantity and symbol together yet.
The feathers are a nice sensory element, and the gluing gave her a creative project. The latter half was mostly spent gluing any feathers anywhere on the page, which was fine too!

V-bot worked hard on this, and loved it, but conked out after 5 of the 7 chicks. She simply said “There, I’m done!” Which was fine – she might come back to it later, but that was enough for her for that time, which is totally fine with me!

Happy Spring Learning ๐Ÿ™‚

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